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Safety Talk Implementation – Month Three

1. Print sufficient copies of each of the following documents and distribute to all workers attending the safety talk:

HSF495.A TBT Welding
SWMS Spot Welder
SWP Spot Welder
SWMS Tig Welder
SWP Tig Welder
SWMS Metal arc welder-MIG
SWP Metal arc welder-MIG

2. Deliver the Safety talk contained in HSF495.A TBT Welding and encourage discussion of the issues raised.

3. Collect any completed Manual Handling Risk Assessment forms and discuss how your workers eliminated the risk of injury and any other ways manual handling can be managed.

4. After completion of the safety talk, go to the Attendee List Form and enter the names of the attendees. This data will be time-stamped and saved to allow retrieval of attendances at safety talks.

This is the Attendee List Form